16oz creates live action content - Tv, online and ooh advertising, titles sequences and installation films for bespoke exhibition spaces.

For 15 years we have enjoyed delivering bespoke creative production services for our clients, working across multiple channels and platforms. Even though we often work all the way from the initial creative development to final in channel delivery we are also very happy to carefully tailor our input and role to suit your projects needs and team structure.


We effortlessly enjoy creating all sorts of content and being sensitive to the needs of modern customer channels we make sure your project is fully supported with a full array of SM relevant films and images. So even if your primary platform is not social your projects campaign or communication will get all the love it deserves.

We really pride ourselves on providing a service with clear accountability and full transparency. We won't charge you for stuff you don't need, we will also instantly put our hands up if we are not the right team for you. We understand and accept that your plans may change and we always stay flexible - and to with that in mind we always leave space around scheduled work so your project can develop. So if your project grows or even contracts we painlessly adjust.


At 16oz we have worked very hard to create a super efficient approach to film and stills production. Making finely crafted images at the highest level is a complex and compound craft that encompasses such a wide range of skills and technology. We hate when the creative process becomes encumbered with technical and political obstacles and this is why16oz Film created 16oz Studio - to empower and lighten the load . We also happen to have a small studio! We have also invested seriously and properly in the very best cinema equipment the market has to offer.

As well as being a essential component in our efficient film/image machine 16oz studio space is also an atelier for film artists/craftspeople. This helps us connected to new talent which we support with our roster of established industry pros. All our team provides a very strong marriage of creative and technical expertise which has been going strong for over 15 years.