We love helping people look and feel great. Here is a compilation reel of some of our beauty work.

We have produced an incredible amount of varied beauty films over the years, if you would like to see any of the individual pieces or discuss the needs of your project,  Please get in touch

We also specialise, both in terms of process and the equipment we use, in shooting both motion and stills at the same time. This allows for a consistency of look and feel that is difficult to achieve any other way. We also have had lots of success collaborating very closely with independent stills production teams.

16oz also has invested considerable time, money and material resources into building and buying the best tools for creating beauty imagery at the highest levels - whether it be custom filtration, 1930’s classic Hollywood cinema lenses or dedicated beauty lighting equipment - we have everything needed. The benefit to you, and your project, is that we can work with you in a fast relaxed way that is conducive to getting the best results from any talent.