Weird & Wonderful

Why weird and wonderful? Weird refers to the media/channel and wonderful the creative opportunity! Now whether it is for bespoke screens used to augment live engagement experiences or complicated live action assets for interactive OOH advertising we always enjoy creating content for non traditional media and bespoke channels. If you have something unusual or complicated we will always make the effort to understand exactly what is needed.


Our studio, with its custom camera rigs and exotic optical tools is also a great place to R+D a project or double check the feasibility of a completely new idea/approach. So even if we haven’t done exactly what you need our experience with oversized and odd shaped screens, 3D Scanning, interactive mobile content, holographic panels, 3D shop fronts and s3d TV ads will at least allow us to be able to offer knowledgable advice on the best route forward.


Please contact us if you’d like to discuss a potential project or would just like to see what we have worked on in a more appropriate channel context. The limitations of website framed media means we are sharing only a couple of examples of work here.

Schwarzkopf ‘Parade’

Schwarzkopf and Esa Live wanted a film that played alongside both sides of a catwalk in a repurposed underground Berlin train station. A life size model would walk 50metres in tandem with ‘real’ models on a catwalk.

a composite impression of the in-situ experience

Standard media edit


TIGI ‘TIGI Tales’ World Release show

16oz have been for 12 years repeatedly commissioned to create all the screen content for Tigi’s world release shows. The last of these was for a product launch show in Las Vegas. The combination of its fantastical themes and giant oversized long LED walls presented a wonderful creative opportunity. Here is a quick compilation of some of the shows bespoke content.


Nicorette 'One Breath’ freediver in a tank

A simple idea that need a super real technically perfect execution to succeed. The finished multi dimensional installation formed the engaging OOH centrepiece that delighted the public with its digital theatre and audience interactivity. The project encouraged a much higher interaction far exceeding expectations and the immersive experience overall was a huge success.


Epson ‘Be there’

One of our most challenging projects was a a 2d and s3d TV ad for for Epson supported via additional 3d support promo films, player stills other EPK film assets. With its dizzying number of final assets needed, very limited access, and a unprecedented filming approach (athletes at 1000fps in 3d had at the time not yet been tried) pressure was very high! Here is the 20sec 3d TV ad. If you would like to see it in 3d please contact us.